Three Books From 2015

This year I read a lot, more than I have in a very long time. According to my goodreads account, I’ve completed 21 books. Looking at my reading challenge, my goal of which was to read 15 books, I saw books that I barely remembered reading and others that were completely forgotten about, then there were some that I still think of from time to time.

So I thought I’d put together a post of three books. They don’t have to be favorites and only one of these actually is, but perhaps the ones I felt left an impression on me or stood out to me the most, or I felt most strongly about. It was difficult to limit to only three and there’s a couple more I would have liked to have added here but I wanted to limit them!

While I know there’s another month and a half left to the year, I also know how busy I am this time of year so I better do it now while I still have the time! And just to point out now, I won’t give away any details of the books, because who wants to know what’s going to happen before they read something? Especially the end, so don’t worry if you haven’t read them, there are no spoilers here!

First up is also the first book I finished, the Mists of Avalon:


I remember when I would see displays of this book at Crown Books and Barnes and Noble way back in the 1990’s! And I wanted to buy it and read it, I loved the cover and I loved fantasy back then. But I never did get it, it was expensive and my mom wouldn’t buy it for me. So when I saw it for $5 at a used book store, I snatched it up and then it sat in my bookcase for a couple of years until I finally got started reading it a year ago. It took me a while to finish, and I was honestly a little disappointed with it, or maybe a lot…it’s a huge book, just under 1,000 pages and while a lot happens, nothing happens. A lot of it was slow going. And I was so disappointed with the characters who didn’t do anything to change their lives themselves.

They allow so much to happen that they don’t want to happen or don’t like or even hate, but they really don’t act in their own lives! Events occur and it’s almost as if they sit and watch it unfolding and happening, as though they’re pawns with no will of their own! And when they finally do something, it’s honestly just too late. And that was my biggest problem with this book. My favorite parts were so short and everyone is pretty much miserable the entire book. The dialogue is mostly the characters rehashing what was already said or what they were thinking, it was too repetitive! But while it was a let down, and definitely not a favorite, I still find myself thinking about the characters, mostly Morgana, and wishing they had done something, and imagining how much better this story could have been. Yes, women’s lives in medieval times were not exciting and they had strict social constructs to conform to and stay within, but this is a work of fiction and there is so much that could have been done with this story. I was also expecting more magic and fairies…

Next is this one, the Sweetapolita Bake Book.

IMG_0163 (1)

Yes, it’s a cookbook. But look at it! It’s so cheerful and makes me happy to look through it, I must say it is a favorite. I’ve followed Rosie’s blog for several years and was so excited for this book. I know my baking will never be like hers, no where close, but I can still dream, right? Besides that, the recipes are great. The ones I’ve tried taste amazing. It’s also fun just to look at the pictures in this book, I love the photography and coloring.

Third is the Birth of Venus:


It has some mixed reviews, but I rather enjoyed reading it, until the end that is. I still think about it…without giving much away, all I can say is that I don’t like what the main character did, and I don’t like that her closest friend helped her do it, I personally don’t think she would have gone along with it so easily or at all. And I thought her choice to put herself where she ended up, and that ultimately lead her to do what she did, was strange and went against everything she wanted and tried to achieve throughout the entire book. And we get no closure about two other important characters, none whatsoever. It was a frustrating ending to say the least. But I guess that’s how some stories are, not all of them have happy endings and you don’t know what happens to everyone…and I’m not against reading books like that. Though it is really very frustrating because I really want to know what happened to the others!

Next, I’m planning to make a ‘to read’ list of books I already have for 2016, and will share later. I have far too many unread books in my house…


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