New Hijabs

I posted recently about my struggle with hijab recently, and after going through my collection of scarves, I decided to buy some new ones, I wanted some new colors and wanted something larger to cover the chest better. I also wanted some solid colors, something I was lacking.

For a long time I was wearing the Turkish style square scarves. I love them, they’re beautiful, come in pretty much every color you could ever want and so many different designs, but I always disliked how small they are. Hijab is not just a scarf to add to our outfit, and there are conditions that are to be met and I felt I personally wasn’t meeting those conditions with this style. I tried to wear it to cover my chest as much as possible, but I always felt they were lacking.

So I decided that I needed some new hijabs and went looking. One place I knew was Al-Mujalbaba, I’m glad they’re still online selling, they’ve been around a long time, it’s one of the first places I knew of when I converted to buy hijabs from.

They have several different sizes of hijabs in georgette and pebble georgette and they come in a wide range of colors, some even have matching niqabs. I got a 60″ and a 50″ square and the rest 44″ squares.

These are the ones I got:


I also find these ones are more breathable than the Turkish ones, which definitely help during summer. I’m very sensitive to the heat and it seems to be getting worse as I get older…so now I’m on the search for underscarves that are summer friendly. I always wear the tube/amira style ones, and they’re just too thick for me for summer anymore.


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